1. How many strips can I take in a day?

You can take as many hunger strips as needed as there is no restriction on quantity.

2. How long does it take to process and ship my product?

All approved orders will be process and shipped the same or next day.

3. Is it made with all natural ingredients?

Yes, all the products used in the inhaler are USDA organic certified.

4. How many calories does the hunger strip contains?

Hunger strips contains zero calories.

5. Does this product have any restrictions if taking other dietary supplements?

No restrictions.

6. How much water can I drink if taking this product?

You should keep your regular water intake while taking this product.

7. When should I use the inhaler or the strip?

Any time you have cravings, you take a strip or use your inhaler to reduce the urge to snack in between meals.

8. What are the benefits from taking hunger strips?

It will help you to lower your calories count, as it takes your cravings away.

9. Are the essential oils used in the inhaler USDA Organic certified?

Yes, every essential oil used in the inhaler is USDA Organic certified.

10. How do I store my hunger strips and inhaler?

Store in dry place.