What are Essential Oils?

Essential oil has been used for millennia for everything from sickness to aches to mood regulation. They are natural oils containing volatile aromatic compounds distilled from plants. In this case, volatile refers to the ability of the organic compounds to quickly change from liquid to gas. While these compounds primarily work through inhalation, some compounds can be absorbed through the skin.

Modern research has shown the oils interact with our biochemistry on a cellular level. In fact, essential oils can manipulate the body and mind to keep you feeling less hungry throughout the day, giving you more natural ways to suppress appetite.

Using essential oils for weight loss is a natural, effective way to:

  1. Control cravings
  2. Reduce hunger
  3. Increase your energy
  4. Boost your mood
  5. Relieve pain

Your emotional state plays a big part in your overall weight loss success. Low emotional states often trigger cravings: think ice cream pints when you feel down. Aromatherapy with uplifting scents help achieve a calm, blissful state of mind.

Several oils affect and regulate hormone production in the endocrine system, such as grapefruit essential oils and bergamot. Mint oils are incredibly helpful for staving off cravings thanks to the ability to interact with the brain’s satiety centers. Others, like ginger essential oil, increase your metabolism leading you to burn extra calories without extra effort.

The active ingredients we use for Hunger Rescue include:

  • Peppermint: increases metabolism and improves digestion
  • Grapefruit: suppresses appetite, increases metabolism, and dissolves fat
  • Orange: provides emotion supports and antidepressant


One of the top appetite reducing essential oils is peppermint oil. Peppermint has long been used for stomach ailments and to soothe nausea. Use some of the peppermint’s soothing powers by inhaling the oil as a hunger suppressant and metabolism booster.

Grapefruit (Citrus x paradise)

Grapefruit has been used for generations as a part of a reducing diet. Citral and Limonene are two of the chemicals in grapefruit that helps an individual lose weight due to increased metabolism and a quieting of the appetite. According to some studies, citral may even reduce the body’s ability to create fat cells. Grapefruit inhaled works well as an appetite reducer and increasing metabolism.


Orange essential oil is originated from the fruit of the Citrus sinensis orange plant. It provides a natural and sweet aroma. The great scent quickly provides a sense of uplifting and calming feeling since it has a direct response on the olfactory system of the brain.

If you’re looking for natural ways to suppress appetite, essential oils provide a safe, effective way to lose the weight and keep it off sustainably.